January News for Grade One 

Happy New Year and welcome back! 


Please ensure that your child has indoor shoes that fit and that your child can do them up without assistance (this includes laces). All children should be dressed appropriately for recess. This includes: winter boots, snow pants, hats and mittens. Please ensure that extra socks and mittens are available in your child’s backpack. Please label all items and replace as needed.


Reading folders will continue to be sent home with material at your child’s reading level. The Shared Reader will also continue to come home once a week. Remember, it is beneficial for children to read something more than once. If read the first night, it’s a great idea to read the same thing the following night. This helps to develop greater fluency as well as comprehension. Please continue to initial reading logs.

Words of the Week  NEW

This month students will begin recording a list of sight words (Dolce words) in the agenda on Mondays. These words should be practiced through the week and a spelling test will take place on Friday (or Thursday when there is no school on Friday). 

Math Problem of the Week  NEW

This month I will introduce a “Problem of the Week”. We will look at a new problem every Monday and discuss strategies for solving it. Students will then be given time to work on the problem. The workbook will go home that day. The problem must be finished by Friday when we will take up the answer(s). It is important that students use pictures, numbers and words to solve the problem. Please see the inside cover for steps to follow. A happy face will be given for students who show all 3 components. Encourage your child to explain his/her thinking and help him/her to write about it. Most problems will have more than one possible answer and students are encouraged to solve it more than one way when this is the case.

Library, Gym Time and Robots

Our Library visits will resume each week on Monday. Please note that students must return all library books before they can sign out new ones. A reminder that our gym time is scheduled for Thursday afternoons. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for physical activities. This month we will be using the robots in the Library once a week for coding activities in small groups. The students really enjoyed our fall session and they will be excited to return.

Best Wishes for a healthy and happy New Year,

Mrs. Vandervoort