Mrs. Cresswell's Newsletter

October News

... Thanksgiving 1 ...

Dear Parents,

Here is what is happening in our class this month:

Religion/Family Life - Saints, Thanksgiving

Math - counting patterns, graphing

Science - animals

Social Studies - traditions and celebrations

Language - guided reading, descriptive writing

Every week one student in our class will be the “Star Student” for a week at a time. On the Monday of the given week, the star student will bring in pictures, drawings and other items that can be displayed on a bulletin board. On the Friday of the week, the star student will make an oral presentation about what they have brought and the other students will have some time to ask questions. Check your child’s agenda for the week that they will be the “star”.

Later in October we will begin to learn about the Saints. Each student will choose a saint to learn more about and then make a presentation to the class. All the research will be done at school, but parents may want to discuss with their child a saint that has significance to their family, their name or even a saint that shares a feast day with their birthday. Check your child’s agenda for more details, closer to the middle of the month.

I wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving.

Mrs. M. Cresswell

... Fall Harvest