Mrs. Vandervoort's Grade 1 Class
January News
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When school resumes, please ensure that your child has indoor shoes that fit and that your child can do them up without assistance (this includes laces). All children should be dressed appropriately for outdoor activities. This includes: winter boots, snow pants, hats and mittens. Please ensure that extra socks and mittens are available in your child’s backpack. Please label all items and replace as needed.

SUPPLIES  At this time, I have a supply of erasers and glue sticks.

Kindly replenish other items as needed:

- Pencil case

- Regular pencils - Crayons (Please note crayons are preferred over markers)

- Pencil sharpener with case to collect shavings

- Pair of scissors

- Mailbag (If you don’t have the one that was provided, please replace the Ziplock bag)

- Headphones/earbuds for personal use with ipads (must be able to plug into ipad)

- Recess Bag (Items to use at your desk during recess time)

- Daily supply of masks that fit over mouth and nose snuggly

*It is very important that students understand why they need to wear face coverings properly given the high degree of transmissibility of the Omicron variant. Keep in mind that students in Grade 1 are not fully vaccinated at this time and physical distancing within the classroom is very challenging. Please help keep educators safe!


Students who have an account for the PMeCollection online should continue to read 2 new books each week. Read each book 2 or 3 times as it is beneficial for children to read something more than once. If you read the first night, it’s a great idea to read the same book the following night. This helps to develop greater fluency as well as comprehension. 

Best Wishes for a healthy and happy New Year,

Mrs. Vandervoort