Mrs. Cresswell's Newsletter

September 2018


abc Dear Parents, Welcome to Grade 2! I am looking forward to getting to know your child and to a wonderful new year of learning. In the next couple of weeks I hope to meet you as well.

Our school is growing very quickly and there is a very good chance we will need to reorganize the classrooms in the next week or so. We will all work together to make any necessary transitions as smooth as possible for the students.

I just wanted to go over some information:

Indoor shoes - Shoes worn outside cannot be worn in the gym, so every student is required to have another pair of running shoes for inside that have non-marking soles. This also helps to keep our classroom tidy.

Supplies - Attached is a list of supplies your child will need.

Homework- Homework will consist of work not completed in class, as well as assigned reading or math activities. All students are required to complete the assigned reading, reading activities or math work.

All homework will be recorded in the student’s agenda. Time will be given in class each day to record homework and reminders. I will initial each child’s agenda every day and would ask that you sign it each day as well on the completion of your child’s homework. Feel free to use the agenda as a way to communicate with me and I will do the same. Please keep the agenda and all reading books, notes and forms in a protective bag/pouch. Students will be asked to unpack their backpacks each morning and have their agendas open on their desks so I can check for any correspondence.

If you are finding that your child brings home more than 20-30 minutes of homework per night, please let me know as that indicates there is a problem.

Father F.X. O’Reilly is an Allergen Aware school. There are pupils in attendance that suffer from severe and life threatening allergies to certain foods, such as peanuts. Exposure to even the smallest

quantities can cause severe and life threatening reactions. Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction. The most common allergen triggers are food, insect stings, medications, exercise and latex. We would appreciate the cooperation of the entire school community by attempting to avoid sending any lunches or snacks that contain nuts, nut oils, or derivatives which could potentially harm a pupil. Please do not send food for birthdays or special occasions. There are alternatives such as stickers or pencils.

Please note: Parents of children who have severe allergies that the school has not yet been made aware of, must contact the office as soon as possible to discuss an emergency medical plan for your son/daughter.

Starting in October, all newsletters will be posted on our school’s website, not sent home in a paper copy. Our school website is

If at any time you have questions or concerns, please call me at the school or send a note in your child’s agenda. I really believe that we are partners in your child’s education and I look forward to working with you this year.


Mrs. M. Cresswell

Supplies List for Grade 2

-1 box of kleenex -agenda bag (to protect books)

-1 roll of paper towel -Set of 24 pencil crayons

-earphones for computer (any style) -scissors

-HB pencils (3 at school at a time) -White eraser

-Pencil sharpeners (they get dull after a couple of months’ use)

-Set of washable markers -Glue stick (to be replaced as needed)