Jan. 25, 2017 Parent Council Meeting Minutes

Parent council Meeting Minutes  2017-01-25 

In attendance

Erin Zabukovec
Ashley Tyler
Cathy Halovanic
Amanda Caravaggio
Nicole Corrinelli
Susan Iacoucci
Joan Stephenson
Anne Bontje
Lena Nolasco
Sasha Haughian
Connie Tracey
Dana Stocco

 Meeting start 7pm

Principals report

School enrolment is now 369

Monthly Liturgy Friday Jan 27/2017 @9:45 with Father Jim

Kindergarten Registration will be available on the web site next week as soon as the board sends them out they can be picked up in the office.

Speech competition Friday Feb 10/17 @ 11:40

Valentine’s Dance Tuesday Feb 14/17 Candy grams will be sold, profits going to Sharelife

Monday Feb 20/17 Family Day No school

Reports go home Wednesday Feb 22/17

Winter Carnival Friday Feb 24/17 there will be different stations set up to do activities, with inspiration of Quebec’s carnival.

Shrove Tuesday will parent council do pancakes? yes parent council will do that.

Ash Wednesday Mass will be at our school Wednesday March 1/17 Father Jim

March Break will be March 13-17

Grade 8 graduation pictures Friday March 3/17

New school calendar will be out tomorrow, once Mrs Stephenson receives it she will share it with all of us.

No parent council meeting for March it is too busy of a month. We only have to  have 4 meetings. Mrs Stephenson does not mind having more however.

Treasurer's report

Balance of accounts $9000-$2000 in cheques still to come out true balance of about $7000

EWTE going well

Parent council has 2 accounts.

We need to start a fundraising committee we need to have a focus on what we want to fundraise for.

Hot lunch is going great hot lunch subtotal $9202.42

Raised a question of the possibility of Subway for hot lunch Lori Hollingshead is looking into some new vendors.

$3528.49  - Hot Lunch Balance

$1721.22 - Eat Well to Excel


Chair Update

Pancake Tuesday Feb 28 parent council will make pancakes we need volunteers for making pancakes and handing them out possibly 5-6. EWTE or breakfast for learning should cover the cost but if parent council needs to we will cover that cost.

There was a concern with it also being a hot lunch day if it would be too much that day, Susan feels that it will be fine as they should be able to get the pancakes made and out before 11 am.

If there is an issue hot lunch will be moved to 2nd nutrition break.

Susan will be emailing looking for volunteers.

 Big crunch is March 9/17 March is nutrition month

Being that apples are not in season the charity will accept carrots or cucumber, however they prefer apples. Each student and staff will be given an apple and all at the same time they will all take a big bite, for “The big crunch”. Looking to local stores for discounts or donations of Apples, Foodlnad has been supportive before. Perhaps they will be again.

 Catholic Education week is April 30-May 5/17 Career day will be held on May 4/17

We need 6 speakers local people (farmers, politicians, religious people, doctors, paramedics)

It is usually ½ day and 15-20 min ach speaker and they will rotate. Susan will email out for volunteers if you have any contacts please let someone on parent council now.

 Spring Fling, we will start a subcommittee for the fundraising.

Mrs Stephenson will ask staff if they have a wish list of things they hope we will fundraise for, as well if any parents have a wish list they can put their ideas forward sometimes we ask students as well.

 Healthy Schools 

Exercise sessions were started with grades 5-8 this is to find student leaders, for daily physical activities that are student led. The classes get points for how involved they are.

The public health nurse is interested in being part of the program.

The manager of New Tec parks and recreation wants to be involved as well.

The first report is due Feb 17/17 They are ahead for the report it will be done in time.

A survey was sent around to the higher grades for them to take home was not well received. There was a low survey turn out.

A lot of members didn’t receive the survey a question was raised as to if it could be put on the website. Mrs Stephenson has stated about the low sign up of the remind app we have 369 enrolment but about 85 people have signed up for the remind app for the school.

There is a way to report an absence online if you go to the schools website you can complete the safe arrival form. If your child is a bussed student you DO NOT have to call or complete the online form. If they are away for any other reason then you must call or complete that form.

Mrs Stephenson is contemplating that on welcome to Kindergarten night there may be a both set up to help parents fill out the online safe arrival form. Also for the remind APP.

There is a hard copy of a form for hot lunch in the office you cannot email that form.

Back to Healthy schools if at some point healthy schools needs some money from parent council will it be available? It depends on the cost and the activity.

Question was asked about the type of activity done in the classes, it is all led by student leaders.

The public health nurse will do a PALS program to get older students involved to help younger students.

Some options for daily activity is

“Go Noodle” (website)

“X movement” Erin will look into if they are expanding to more schools.

“Cosmic kids yoga”

DPA daily physical activity is done at the teachers discretion.

Healthy schools is also about getting the home involved with activity ( vacuuming, dusting, gardening) and exercise (push ups, running)

There could be home challenges example the push up challenge.

 Meeting end time approx 7:40pm