Feb. 8, 2017 CSCC Meeting minutes

CSCC meeting minutes Feb 8 2017

Start time 6:58 pm
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This is a meeting to discuss the spring fling and fundraising
The staff has come back with a wish list of things they would like the council to fundraise for:
*PM books
* Projectors
*Bluetooth speakers
* Sporting equipment for outside use
*Replacement of school team shirts
*New screen for gym
*Nelson PM benchmark 1 and 2

Susan will investigate the cost of each and email the cost of the wish list items to all on council for a vote.
Joan asked if the teachers will still be getting the $150/class, yes that is from other fundraising not from specifically spring fling. 
Cathy noted that for the outdoor equipment balls and such once the school is fully registered with healthy schools then Canadian Tire can help.

Susan has asked if council has any ideas for things to fundraise for. You are more than welcome to email any of your ideas.

Spring Fling will be held Friday June 9 2017, as the Friday before is a PA day.

Spirit wear_ should we have it available at the spring fling for sale or at the plays which are being held May 17-18 2017, or should we leave it until September and have it ready to sell for then. It would take 4-6 weeks to come in. Even if we did order in may it wouldn’t come in before the end of this school year anyway.  Lena has been dealing with the gentleman from the spirit wear and she has tried 3 times to get in touch with him so she isn’t sure if he is no longer in business. Susan has also been in touch with another person. It would be able to be ordered on the SOLO lunch website like we use for hot lunch ordering. It cannot be open at the same time as the hot lunch though.
We could have some of the items out for show at spring fling so parents can see what will be available in September

We need to have a spring fling Committee
On this Committee, so far:
Susan will email the rest of council to see if there are more interested in being on the committee.

When is the ticket license due by? Mid March  We need to decide the prize value there is a formula to find out how many tickets to order and how many will be sold.  Question was asked about seeing the last two years of tickets ordered vs tickets sold. Susan and Lena said that will not be a problem.  Susan has started that it has been fairly consistent based on school population.  Question asked if we could have something other than pizza as the kids seem to not like the pizza. We can but there are issues with BBQ, if the weather is bad our sales are down and then we also need to have more volunteers and permits for the BBQ.

Could we use another Pizza place? We can if they are allowed by the school Board which is Fire house or Pizza Pizza but there have been issues with them. New Orleans has a food truck and they are school approved.   We can have the ice cream truck again, the magician, the face painter and perhaps a few other things to add to the night.
Dominoes Pizza is good because he gives a kick back when you order so many then most of the spring fling pizzas are free. It is a huge cost savings for council. We are looking also at having the pavement repainting done, and CRIC has done that before, we should have an answer from CRIC by march break.

The Raptors will donate for events such as signed basketballs you go on their website under community tab, a letter needs to come from the Principal.

Perhaps the Leafs and Argos will do this also, could be great for the silent auction.

There is a free family skate put on by the town of New Tecumseth Family Day February 20th it will have two skates 11am-12:50pm and 1pm-2:50pm there will also be free family activities to promote physical activity.

Next meeting April 12 2017
Meeting finished 7:28pm